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We are Lina and Leonie!

We are not only sisters but also best friends. Growing up in Salzburg, Austria we were surrounded by beautiful nature and mountains but also by culture and arts from a young age. Both of us have a great love for all the beautiful things in life: music, theater, fine arts, travel and of course food. Some of our fondest memories are: Strolling through a food market in Venice, eating ice cream in the glaring sun of Barcelona and having a BBQ in our family home in Salzburg. Good food for us is comfort, it’s connection, it’s family. 


We were drawn to get creative around food for a long time but it took a pandemic and some lockdowns to figure out exactly what felt right. Lina is a passionate home cook, she loves experimenting in the kitchen, styling food and creating recipes. Leonie has a background in art education and lost her heart to photography in recent years. Together we fell in love with creating valuable content around food.

We both practice an environmentally friendly lifestyle and a plant-based diet is a big part of that. On this website you will find a variety of recipes that anyone can make. We want to show you a way to eat abundantly while not losing touch with what is good for you, the planet and all its living beings!

The name STUDIO VE

A studio to us is a space for inspiration and creativity. The VE stands for vegetarian/vegan and therefore a lifestyle that is good for humans, animals and the planet.

Our take on food

Preparing food and eating to us is pure enjoyment and comfort. We practice a laid-back approach to food and love to inspire others to do the same. We created STUDIO VE to show: You don't need a lot of time, money or skills to make delicious vegetarian or vegan food any day.

Telling unique stories

Food is never just food, but always comes with a story. Capturing how we relate to what we grow, cook and eat through photographs and words drives us. We love to share our own food stories as much as helping others to tell theirs.

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Our recipes are...






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