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This recipe is based on a recipe by Nina Montagne, who shared it in her instagram stories a while ago. We have made this Cream Cheese several times and are always fully convinced of the result. The fermentation makes the cream cheese tart and it tastes better than any store-bought vegan cream cheese we know. It makes a particularly good filling for cakes and a fabulous spread on toast with fruit.

Makes 1 large jar

300g / 2 cups cashew nuts, soaked overnight 240ml / ½ cup water ¾ tbsp apple cider vinegar ½ tbsp nutritional yeast Pinch of salt 2 capsules of probiotics (preferably ones suitable for making yogurt)

1 large or 2 small jars

Drain the soaked nuts and place in a blender along with the water, vinegar, nutritional yeast and salt. Blend on high speed until creamy, using a pestle or stirring repeatedly in between. It will take at least 5 minutes, more likely 10 minutes, until there are no more coarse pieces and you get a creamy consistency. When the desired consistency is reached, add the contents of two probiotic capsules and blend again briefly. Pour into a sterilized jar, leaving some air at the top and put the lid on.

Leave to ferment in a dark place at room temperature for at least 24h. Then taste for the first time to see if the desired flavor has been achieved: the cream cheese should taste sour, similar to yogurt. If necessary, let it sit further at room temperature. Fermentation can take up to three days, depending on the temperature. Once the “right” flavor is achieved, place the cream cheese in the refrigerator and use within a few days.


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