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After magnolia season comes lilac season! We ate up all our pickled magnolia flowers and wanted to start something flowery again. We' ve already made lilac syrup a few times and this year we wanted to try something new, so we're having liqueur.

Makes 1 jar

5 lilac flowers ¾ cup white rock candy ½ unwaxed lemon, sliced 1 ½ cups vodka

Shake the lilac flowers so that insects fall out (if possible, do not wash, because the lilac will lose it’s aroma). Pluck the blossoms one by one, being careful not to pluck any leaves or stems of the plant, as they taste bitter. Layer the sugar, lilac blossoms and the sliced lemon in a jar and add the vodka. Leave on the kitchen counter or a windowsill for two to four weeks, shaking occasionally. In between, taste whether the lilac infusion is already strong enough. Pour off and enjoy pure or in a cocktail.


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