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Did you know that you can eat magnolia blossoms? We didn’t but became intrigued when we saw Black Forager making magnolia cookies and Jamie Oliver pickling magnolia petals. We love to pickle things, so we decided to give Jamie Oliver’s recipe a try. The petals taste similar to pickled ginger, but more blossomy, and the colour is just stunning. If you want to see us making these, check out our Instagram Reels.

Makes 1 jar

3-4 handful magnolia blossoms

1 cup rice vinegar

3 tbsp suger

½ tsp salt

1 mason jar

Pull off the magnolia petals and put them in the jar. For the brine heat 1 cup rice vinegar with 3 tbsp sugar and ½ tsp salt, let simmer for a minute and add to the jar. Seal the lid and put in the fridge for at least 24 hours before eating. Don't worry if some petals oxidise and turn a brownish colour, this is a normal reaction. The petals taste great with rice dishes and of course look super fancy!


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